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Constipation How to Cure it Naturally

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Constipation is a problem everyone has from time to time, for a variety of different reasons. While not typically considered to be a medical emergency, it can still make life a bit more difficult. Symptoms of constipation are pain while going, going less than 2 times per week, and a feeling of incomplete...



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Third, practice good hygiene. In addition to washing your face twice per day, make sure you are washing your linens, washing your hats, and washing your hair. If you are predisposed to getting acne on your forehead, try foregoing your hats for a little while. The pressure and irritation of the material...


Acne Forehead

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Acne Forehead   Acne is a medical condition described as dead skin cells and oil which clog up the pores commonly in your face and sometime also in the body. Normally any kind of acne is frustrating, can impact the self-esteem and for severe inflammation may cause a deep depression. Forehead Acne...


It’s Time to Break Fashion’s Oldest Rule


You might say we first fell in love with white leather when we laid eyes on Sloane Peterson’s fringed jacket in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The coolest movie girlfriend in history looked (at the time) so stylish in her jacket, shorts, and knee-high boots. Currently, our white leather obsession...


7 Ways to Break Up With Your Late-Night Snacking Habit

Late-Night Snacking Habit

Nighttime snacking can be problematic and there are steps that you can take to break this habit.  However, it is important to first determine whether or not you are snacking out of habit or hunger.  For instance, if you eat an early dinner at 5:30 or 6 pm and are a night owl who likes to stay up until...


Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches — Need We Say More?

Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches

Butter one side of each slice of bread generously. In a skillet big enough to hold them, cook the slices butter side down over medium heat, just until pale gold on one side. Cover two of the slices with chocolate. Flip a naked slice on top, butter side up. Cook, turning the sandwiches as necessary, until...


Eat Smart: A 7-Day Healthy Meal Plan


Eat Healthy: Eating healthy isn’t a necessity, but makes you feel good inside and out. By creating a meal plan, you can incorporate a balanced diet, get rid of trans fats and refined grains/sugars, and start fueling your body with good-for-you foods that will make you feel better than ever! Save Time:...


5 Fighting Moves from Keri Russell’s Trainer


Her body looks as if it is the result of extreme workouts and a calculated diet, but in her interview with the fitness magazine, Keri made her efforts to look so incredible seem minimal. ‘One thing you would be surprised to learn about me [is] that I eat everything,’ the star of The Americans...